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Welcome to Healing on the Edge. This feature independent documentary film will inspire you and keep you on the edge of your seat. This film is based upon and chronicles the filmmaker’s personal experience with life and death crisis. 


Healing on the Edge is for you if you want to learn about other cultures and if you are interested in your health. There are fascinating cutting edge healers among others that have awe-inspiring stories and valuable information to share that may change the way you look at health issues and their impact upon you.


Healing on the Edge is intended to make you think, question and be inspired to start your own journey.  Healing on the Edge is the first in the Harmonie DVD series. For more information on Harmonie go to: 


Healing on the Edge will take you around the world to exotic locales without ever having to leave your seat. Healing on the Edge is mind bending!

'Healing on the Edge' showcases non-traditional and exotic healers on the edge of society around the world.  We start on the edge of the world in the Himalayas with Tibetan monks and travel around the world meeting various internationally renowned healers that can help us in society today. Is there a link to our future healing cures and these healers?  Are cures being lost with the environmental crisis on the edge of no return?  Environmental scientists including Rex Weyler, one of the founders of Greenpeace share their knowledge with us.  Join us during ‘Healing on the Edge’ to learn how it can help you.

More specifically, some of the content of Healing on the Edge includes: 


Interviews with Tibetan monks on Tibetan traditional healing and techniques;


NY Times best selling author and Oprah favorite Dr. Andrew Weil on integrative medicine and holistic healing;


BTB Feng Shui Masters and their stories and healing techniques; 


Australian Didgeridoo healers;


Peak performance coaches on using one mind to one’s one benefit for success and healing;


A variety of energy healers from around the world;


Yoga teacher(s);


Leading Environmentalists among others that are sure to entertain inspire and make you think. 


If you are interested in the environment, Healing on the Edge is for you.

If you are interested in your health buy Healing on the Edge Now.


Healing on the Edge
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