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  Healing on the Edge  is FOR YOU IF:


*  You want to take a journey around the world and learn more about healing  *  You want to learn from leading edge healers around the world  * You want to learn more about holistic and integrative healing * You want to learn healing tips, techniques and recipes  *  You want to learn about how improve your life with healing tips, tools and techniques  *  You want to learn about ancient Asian healing strategies, techniques & tips  *  You want to learn about what to look for in healers  *  You want to learn from healers on the cutting edge * You want to learn how to meditate  *  See beautiful vistas around the world  *  You want learn about things you may have not imagined * You want learn about mind-bending healing ideas that push the boundaries  *  You want to learn more about our personal and societal healing issues that impact the environment.

Healing on the Edge
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