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"harmonie digital products" show buyers how to become healthier and happier with proven tips and techniques from some of the most successful people in the world.

Join our ever-intrepid host Rhonda Zabinsky on a more in-depth journey to learning about cutting edge healers around the world.  In "harmonie digital products", there are powerful proven tips and techniques from medical doctors, peak performance coaches, healers and best selling authors amongst others.

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Buy "harmonie: body, mind & spirit" to learn how to manifest a more rewarding and enriching life.  This product will help you achieve your goals and resolutions. If you want to learn from some incredibly successful and accomplished leading teachers, this product is for you.

Welcome to harmonie

In the harmonie digital products you will learn from some cutting edge teachers, healers and well-known medical doctors. "harmonie: body, mind & spirit" will inspire you to be all that you can be with specific tips, tools and techniques from a variety of empowering coaches that are making a positive difference for successful professionals, athletes and entrepreneurs around the world.  

Numerous highly successful people around the world believe that being in harmony is essential to one’s health, success and ultimately to being

the most one can be in life. Choose "harmonie: body, mind & spirit" to learn how to gain and maintain greater harmonie in life.

In "harmonie: the art of health & happiness" viewers learn about never before seen secrets on health & happiness.  As a bonus,  some of the original personalities as seen in "harmonie: body, mind & spirit" share different tips and techniques in "harmonie: the art of health & happiness" too.

Harmonie digital products share  wisdom and insights with proven tips and techniques to help viewers be in harmony to ultimately be all that you can be.

"harmonie: body, mind & spirit" concludes with a meditation section put to ocean and nature sounds and seascapes. This can be used daily to help create greater harmony in your life.  This meditation section is not led but rather uses the sounds and sights of nature to help viewers breathe, relax and re-invigorate. 





It is highly recommended that you buy the two harmonie digital products together "harmonie: body, mind & spirit" and "harmonie: the art of health & happiness" for those wishing for a more empowered, proactive and successful life. 

In "harmonie: body, mind & spirit", you will also learn specific techniques and tools from a variety of leading edgehealth and wellness experts in their fields to help you become all you can be. 

Buy all three digital products to see the complete harmonie journey.

Dr. Lee Pulos

Psychologist and Peak Performance Coach for Sports Stars and CEOs teaches viewers how to get rid things that don’t work for them. He teaches techniques to help viewers work  through problems and visualize 

Dr. Ken Cohen

Ken Cohen is a renowned health educator, Qigong Master, and practitioner of indigenous medicine. He is the author of the critically acclaimed books The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese

Jocelan Coty

Yoga Master and Teacher on Cortez island teaches viewers yoga and the importance of using one’s body to relax and become aligned with one’s spirit with some specific techniques. 

Indris Piche

Indris holds an MA from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in California. When Indris is not counseling, she conducts seminars and teaches internationally. Ms. Piche specializes in couple’s therapy.  Indris

 positive outcomes. Dr. Pulos also shares  his wisdom on how to manifest goals. This section is perfect for those making goals and those trying to overcome challenges.

Energy Healing and Honouring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing, as well as numerous courses and more than two hundred journal articles on spirituality and health. Ken speaks and reads the Chinese language, and his academic training includes graduate study of Taoism and theology. Qigong Master Ken Cohen shares the theory and practice of qigong healing. 

is a member in good standing in The Canadian Counseling Association, the Association of Transpersonal Psychologist and Spiritual Directors Association. Indris Piche shares some tantra secrets.

Michael Losier

Law Of Attraction Coach and Best Selling author of “Law of Attraction, The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't" teaches viewers how to get more of what you want and how to

figure out what you don’t. Michael Losier's information helps bring you into alignment with your dreams. 

DR. Andrew Weil

NY Times Best selling author and Medical doctor at University of Arizona reveals some examples, information and ideas on the future of medicine that combines traditional and holistic medicine. This is intended to help you and your body best

serve you today and right now. So, if you want inspiration, education and a look at the future of medicine, this section is for you.

Jill Purce

British musician and tonal chanter who uses music and voice to heal. From 1970 onward she worked with many spiritual teachers, as well as American Indians and Shamans from different traditions. Renowned healer Jill Purce lectures and


Author and of “Professional Dreamer” and peak performance coach teaches us how to manifest and achieve our dreams. Ghalil shares her unique seven step technique to help people to manifest their dreams. Watch and turn

dreams and wishes into reality.  Learn how to use the powerful thought energy to manifest the life you want.

gives workshops on sound and voice healing around the world.  She has pioneered voice and overtone chanting workshops for forty years. Jill Purce shares ways to re-invigorate and rediscover the meditative power of chant and using one's voice.

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